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Sensory          Ages 1-2yr, 2-3yr


Our young explorers will explore colors, textures, shapes, and sizes with everyday sensory materials. In addition to developing fine and gross motor skills, communication skills and problem solving skills, this class also supports cognitive growth and builds a sense of community. We aim to provide children with fun and easy accessible tools to seek out their own sensory adventures.  


Musicquita!       Ages 6m-3yr

This playful music program builds and strengthens Spanish and English language skills through vibrant and approachable songs. Blanca and Jesse use violin, piano, ukulele, melodica, voice, percussion, and movement to thoughtfully guide students through an array of music and verse. 


Dance               Ages 18-36m


In Ms. Kelly's dance class, children will be introduced to basic dance movements and discover the foundations of dance in an engaging environment. Children will be guided through stretches and movements to develop coordination and musicality.



Bunny Hop         Ages 8-18m


This program builds motor planning, hand/eye coordination, foot/hand coordination, and social skills. In a sensory based environment, your child will roll, jump, climb and soar with confidence. Classes incorporate movement, yoga / stretching, singing, music, rhythm and sensory play elements. 


Art         Ages 18-36m, 2-3yr, 3-5yr


Discover surprising talents in this very special art class by sculping with playdough/kinetic sands/slimes, creating collages and more. With our progressive method of teaching, we emphasize more on experimental learning and collaborative learning. 


Mandarin           Ages 3-5yr


This mandarin immersion program develops language skills and introduces kids to Chinese culture. Weekly activities incorporate song, movement, and art to offer a lively learning experience. Hands-on projects are crafted to build vocabulary. 

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