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*2024 Summer Camp: 07.08 - 08.30 More Info
*2024 Summer Pop-Up Classes: 07.02 - 08.23 More Info
*Semester D Classes: 09.10 - 10.29 Enrollment Coming Soon

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Dream City is a children's play and learn center located in the heart of Forest Hills, NY. It is a place where play and learning go hand in hand. Our entire 6,200 sq ft space has been thoughtfully designed for young children six years old and under.
We offer open play, classes, special events and parties. At
Dream City, we aim to create a fun and safe learning environment that sparks curiosity while encouraging social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. We provide an enriching and engaging setting where children can learn through play, while also creating a trusted community of families and caretakers.

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