Preschool Prep

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Ages: 2.5-4y



Wed & Fri: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Tue & Thur: 9:30am – 12:00pm

4 weeks, $600 Wed/Fri or Tue/Thur

  • Offer an engaging space for children to socialize, play and learn.

  • Provide a dedicated, qualified instructor to guide learning activities such as music, movement, art, foreign language and construction.

  • Learn social skills such as sharing, thanking, apologizing, greetings & goodbyes.

  • Ease transition to pre-school with gentle separation process 

  • Keep groups together (including the teacher) to avoid mixing individuals across cohorts

  • Practice pre-school routines like lining up, sitting in a circle, walking together and packing/unpacking.  

  • Encourage exploration and child-directed learning during free play time within Dream City

Every child has different learning styles, social and emotional needs, and physical energy level.  We perform assessments to better understand each child's skills and interests.  With this knowledge, we identify individual learning goals and tailor activities to help each child reach appropriate educational and developmental milestones.  

Predictable routines help children feel safe and make it easier for them to manage transitions and follow directions. We incorporate academic activities as well as music, movement and free play & socialization time every day on a consistent schedule.

Typical Schedule

09:30am-     Arrival/Health screening/Breakfast time

09:50am-     Morning meeting/Mini lesson 1

10:15am-     Free play

10:50am-     Bathroom break/water break

11:00am-     Mini lesson 2

11:20am-     Movement and Music/Free Play

11:40am-     Read aloud/Craft time/Story time

12:00pm-     Departure and pick up

Other details:

* Up to six children per class

* CPR and First Aid certified staff

* Breakfast is included

* Masks required

 Registration Form


"The communication between staff and parents is exceptional - they will work with you to make your child's learning and enrichment experience ideal for your situation. The kids are learning, thriving and most of all, living their best existence during these incredibly difficult times.


This place is worth every penny. Corrie and her team are an amazing addition to our neighborhood and Dream City is just what the kids needed for a little dose of normal in this very abnormal year."   - Nona R. , Brooklyn, NY