Afterschool Drop off

Ages: Pre K  -1st Grade (2020-2021)


Hours & Pricing:

Mornings: Mon - Fri, 8:30am – 2:30pm

$1,200 for 10 days

Afternoons: Mon - Fri, 2:30pm - 5:30pm

10 days, $600 flexible schedule / $450 extended pod schedule 

  • Provide a dedicated, qualified instructor and personal desk for students to participate in remote learning activities.

  • Follow school curriculum and provide in-person academic support during synchronous and asynchronous activities, homework, project assistance and enrichment activities to enhance the day's learning.

  • Keep groups together (including the teacher) to avoid mixing individuals across cohorts.

  • Incorporate P.E. (physical education) curriculum during free play time within Dream City.

  • School breakfast and lunch included.  Lunch period will vary for each cohort.

  • Supplement school curriculum by offering more context and in-depth learning after online-lessons, challenging students to be curious and addressing questions.

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"The communication between staff and parents is exceptional - they will work with you to make your child's learning and enrichment experience ideal for your situation. The kids are learning, thriving and most of all, living their best existence during these incredibly difficult times.


This place is worth every penny. Corrie and her team are an amazing addition to our neighborhood and Dream City is just what the kids needed for a little dose of normal in this very abnormal year."   - Nona R. , Brooklyn, NY

Why Dream City?

*Small Class Size

*Full Access to Columbia Teachers College Curriculum for K and 1st grade

*Registered vendor of NYC Department of Education

*Individualized coaching and supervised learning

*1-to-1 activities to meet specific learning goals

*Fully Insured; Strict Safety & Hygiene Protocols

*Large Facility Provides Space for Social Distancing

*Proactive Parent-Teacher Communication

We want to support parents with their online schooling efforts and help them prepare younger children to enter the classroom.  Dream City is now offering Learning Pods to support these efforts.  We will group children in cohorts of 6 or less, each with a dedicated instructor who is committed to providing age-appropriate emotional, social & academic support.  We celebrate each child's unique personality and learning style and strive to inspire curiosity and exploration.


Dream City Learning Pods is a single purpose youth program, providing academic support in a safe, small-group learning environment for school age children. Dream City is a registered vendor for the NYC Department of Education. 

We understand there is still a lot uncertainty regarding school schedules, as well as concerns about student safety both in and out of school.  At Dream City, we are diligent about health checks, sanitizing and disinfecting, and we are committed to keeping every child safe and every family informed.  Learning Pods at Dream City offer a safe and fun place for kids and give parents a few hours a day to get work done.

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- PBL Project Based Learning Approach -


Not only do students learn how to work better in group by providing their own input, listening to others, and resolving conflicts as they arise, students also form relationships with community members when working on projects, gaining insight for careers and beyond.

Critical Thinking

Students learn to look at problems with a critical thinking lens, asking questions and coming up with possible solutions for their project.


In working on a project, students learn to manage obstacles more effectively, often learning from failure and possibly starting over from scratch.

Problem Solving

Students learn how to solve problems that are important to them, including real community issues, more effectively—even learning from failure and possibly starting over.